A small town which is actually an enclave within Espoo, the biggest suburb of Helsinki, but still historically an independent town. Widely known as a rich Swedish-speaking people place, which is largely, although not entirely true.


A rare inhabited island in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Kotka. Beautiful and easily accessible, but obscure. The trip to Haapasaari and the former fishing village there.

Southern Konnevesi National Park

Lakes and woods of Northern Savo area on a misty early May day.

Vaasa Center. Part 2

Again Vaasa, my first hometown in Finland. Railway station, barracks area, various notable buildings in the center.


The most remote part of the Finnish Uusimaa region (the one with Helsinki), a large but barely connected to the mainland peninsula in the archipelago in the west. Spring sea and natural beaches, but also the site of the historical Gangut sea battle.


A small and obscure industrial town not far from Jyväskylä in Central Finland, most notable for its railroad museum and canals which were actually constructed by post-Soviet Russia.

Naantali. Part 2: Of the modern city and the sea

Other parts of Naantali: modern commercial center, hills and bridges by the sea, Kultaranta presidential residence, and the port area.

Naantali. Part 1: Of the old town and Moomins

A beautiful old town near the city of Turku in southwest Finland. The old town, the former monastery church, and the closed Moomin theme park.


A small industrial town, nominally in Uusimaa, the central region of the country, but with a surpisingly "time has stopped in the 1980s" feel.


A village some distance west of Helsinki, where its suburbs end for good. Manor with traces of Soviet Porkkala lease period and various other minor local sights.

Vaasa Center. Part 1

From the central square to the sea coast — a short walk, but plenty to see.

Vaasa, Kvarken, Korsholm. Overview

An overview of my first hometown in Finland, its surroundings and the beautiful Kvarken strait of the Gulf of Bothnia. I lived in Vaasa for only 1.5 years, but it will always remain in my heart.

Public transport in Helsinki area. Part 2

Detailed examination of various modes of public transport.

Public transport in Helsinki area. Part 1

Overview, tickets and fares, design, common issues and upcoming projects.

Lule Lapland: Laponia Area

The glorious mountains of Sweden at the entrance of Stora Sjöfallet National Park, and fells, canyons and waterfalls of Muddus National Park.

Lule Lapland: Gällivare

A small town near a major iron mine in North Sweden.

Lule Lapland: Lule Valley and its dams

One of the greatest rivers of North Sweden and its numerous hydroelectric dams (Laxede, Akkats, Messaure, Harsprånget).

Lule Lapland: Gammelstad

A UNESCO World Heritage object in Luleå in North Sweden, the best preserved "church town" anywhere (a place for churchgoers who lived far away in Lapland to stay overnight after a church visit).

Lule Lapland: Luleå

The capital of Norrbotten county and pretty much the entire North Sweden.

Lule Lapland: Kalix

A town in Norrbotten in North Sweden, not far from the Finnish border and about the westernmost area whether ethnic Finnish people used to live.

Salamajärvi National Park

The main national park of Suomenselkä watershed area in the heart of West Finland woods and mires.

Aavasaksa Fell

At the point in Lapland where the midnight sun begins.

December at the Quark

Vikarskat-Finnhamn trail in the Kvarken Archipelago, probably my favorite place at the Bothnian coast.

Vaasa prisoner of war discipline camp

The city of Vaasa housed a rather nasty Finnish war prisoner camp in 1942-1944.