As of May 2021, I am no longer updating the English version of this blog. Over the past few years its popularity has lagged much behind the Russian version (itself quite a niche website as well), and translating all posts adds to the writing burden considerably. I hope however that I can publish more in English (or even Finnish) eventually, but probably in some different format (for example a guide into some area of Finland, which I might eventually compile from these travel notes).

Lappi '15. II. Around Äkäslompolo

Lappi '15. I. The Drive: A-181, 62, 6, 62, 434, 5, 88, 4, 29, 21 and 940

Sweden '15. XIV: Uppsala and the drive home

Sweden '15. XIII: Bohuslän: Lysekil

Sweden '15. XII: Bohuslän: Smögen

Sweden '15. XI: Carlsberg, Malmö, and the drive to Bohuslän

Sweden '15. X: Copenhagen (Part 2)

2015. Places visited

Sweden '15. IX: Copenhagen (Part 1)

Sweden '15. VIII: Isle of Öland: Långe Erik and Trollskogen

Sweden '15. VII: Isle of Öland: Borgholm castle

Sweden '15. VI: Driving from Stockholm to Öland

Sweden '15. V: Stockholm: A walk from Skeppsholmen to Kungsholmen

Sweden '15. IV: Vasa Museum

Sweden '15. III: Djurgården

Sweden '15. II: Viking Grace Turku-Stockholm ferry

Sweden '15. I: The road to the Baltic Sea and the city of Turku