As of May 2021, I am no longer updating the English version of this blog. Over the past few years its popularity has lagged much behind the Russian version (itself quite a niche website as well), and translating all posts adds to the writing burden considerably. I hope however that I can publish more in English (or even Finnish) eventually, but probably in some different format (for example a guide into some area of Finland, which I might eventually compile from these travel notes).

Loviisa: Svartholm Fortress

Loviisa: The Town

Ruotsinpyhtää: Kukuljärvi Trail

Ruotsinpyhtää: The Ironworks

Southeasternmost Finland and Valkmusa



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Helsinki and Vantaa in Late November. III: Vantaa

Nord-Norge '16. II. Our trip in brief

Helsinki and Vantaa in Late November. II: Vantaanjoki River

Helsinki and Vantaa in Late November. I: Central Helsinki

Nord-Norge '16. I. What Northern Norway is all about

Through Finland in Carts by Mrs. Alec Tweedie

Kymenlaakso 2015. IV. Kotka

Kymenlaakso 2015. III. Hamina

Kymenlaakso 2015. II. Salpa Line Museum

Kymenlaakso 2015. I. The Coast of Good Winds

Lappi '15. IX. Return Trip

Lappi '15. VIII. 70th Parallel

Lappi '15. VII. Three Borders Point

Lappi '15. VI. Northern Lights Road

Lappi '15. V. Along the Äkäs River

Lappi '15. IV. Up the Kesänki Fell

Lappi '15. III. Ylläs Slopes