Museum train in Vaasa

A steam engine with old wooden cars making a tour in the city of Vaasa in West Finland.

Pilvilampi Lake and Vaasa water supply

The main recreational forest of the city of Vaasa and the reservoir there that serves as a water source for the city.

Finnish-Swedish and Finnish-Norwegian border

What various border crossings between Finland and Sweden/Norway look like.

Finnish-Russian Border

The easternmost point of Finland (and all EU), at Virmajärvi lake in Ilomantsi, can actually be visited without a special permit.

Midsummer in Abisko: Pass of Snow

A three-day hike in Abisko National Park in North Sweden, Kårsavagge-Abiskojaure-Abisko leg.

Midsummer in Abisko: Valley of Waterfalls

A three-day hike in Abisko National Park in North Sweden, Abisko-Kårsavagge leg.

Lahti (Part 2)

Lahti (Part 1)

Nord-Norge '16. V: Murmansk

Nord-Norge '16. IV: Petrozavodsk

Autumn in Finnish Karelia

Nord-Norge '16. III. Kola Route

How Finland Works: Highways

Loviisa: Coastal Fortress

Loviisa: Svartholm Fortress

Loviisa: The Town

Ruotsinpyhtää: Kukuljärvi Trail

Ruotsinpyhtää: The Ironworks

Southeasternmost Finland and Valkmusa



Helsinki and Vantaa in Late November. III: Vantaa

Nord-Norge '16. II. Our trip in brief