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Old Hauho

Northeast of Hämeenlinna municipality, Kanta-Häme

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Old rural built-up area in Hauho. Hauho is an old village in Kanta-Häme region, forming its own municipality until 2009, and currently belonging to the city of Hämeenlinna. Here, by the medieval church, above the lake and along the former Upper Vyborg road (Hämeenlinna-Vyborg), there is a well-preserved area of mäkitupa-houses, mostly from the 19th century. Mäkitupa, literally "hill hut", was a kind of a small crofter cottage without its own farming land; mäkitupa inhabitants earned their living in another way, through logging, timber floating, various crafts, etc.

These days Hauho mäkitupa-houses are mostly used as summer cottages; for full-time living most are too small/don't have running water and toilet/are located on a slope too steep for car access. The modern center of Hauho is located just a few hundred meters from here.

Driving address: Vanharaitti, Hauho

Public transport access: Buses between Tampere and Lahti and from Hämeenlinna stop in Hauho center daily

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