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Funny flea market in Hauho

Hauho village center, in the northeast of Hämeenlinna municipality, Kanta-Häme

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"For burglars information: there is no money, alcohol or tobacco in this building. All computers and equipment are old, and you won't earn much by selling them. So redeem youself and devote your live to Jesus. God sees you (and so do our new cameras)."

This is a countryside flea market (kirpputori or just kirppis) in Hauho, a village rather rich for sights. The store is called "Tore" (Auppa, the word "store" is kauppa in Finnish). For some reason there is also a disassembled carousel next to it.

The store is owned by some local Christian organization named Mokia, in a parody of the famous Nokia. There is also a carefully preserved phone booth (a very rare thing in Finland, there haven't been any operational phone booths in a long time) and a sign of Christian bikers.

Driving address: Hauhontie 12, Hauho

Public transport access: Buses between Tampere and Lahti and from Hämeenlinna stop in Hauho center daily

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