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Kuhakoski waterfall in Nurmijärvi

Sahamäki village, by Road 132 Klaukkala-Röykkä, Nurmijärvi, Uusimaa

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Kuhakoski waterfall in the village of Sahamäki in Nurmijärvi, 35 km from Helsinki center. A free-flowing waterfall is a rare thing in South Finland, and remains of old mill and hydropower dams can be seen in this one as well. The pictures are taken in March; like all waterfalls, Kuhakoski is at its strongest in spring.

There is also an old disused stone arch bridge right over the waterfall. The Helsinki-Tampere road originally passed there; the newer road was built in 1961 (and the modern motorway in 1992).

Driving address: Valkjärventie 589, Nurmijärvi

Public transport access: Buses from Klaukkala (including some continuing directly from Helsinki) in the northern direction (Nurmijärvi kk, Rajamäki, Röykkä), Mon-Sun, stop Ammattioppilaitos P/E.

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