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Northern Häme medieval churches: Hauho, Lammi, Tuulos

Eponymous villages along Road 12 Tampere-Lahti, in the northeast of Hämeenlinna municipality, Kanta-Häme

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Medieval (early 16th century, to be precise) rural churches of nothern Häme (Tavastia): Hauho, Tuulos, Lammi. This is old Finnish/Tavastian heartland, which has had many small parishes and preserved medieval stone churches. These are pretty but fairly repetitive.




Driving address: Danielson Kalmarintie 1, Hauho; Katariinantie 2, Lammi; Kirkkokuja 27, Tuulos

Public transport access: Buses between Tampere and Lahti, all destinations within a reasonable walking distance from the main road

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