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Our Freedom's Price memorial and planes at Tuulonen shopping center

Tuulonen shopping center at Road 10 and 12 interchange, Hämeenlinna (former Tuulos), Kanta-Häme

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A small memorial to all the casualties of wars of independent Finland, Our Freedom's Price (Vapautemme hinta), by Tuulonen shopping center near the village of Tuulos, by the interchange of Tampere, Lahti and Hämeenlinna roads. A private memorial, set up by the shopping center itself and other local sponsors.

The idea of the memorial is rather unusual: the poles have names of individual casualties of the wars of 1939-1945 on them. The first one has just the first ten dead (of all 95,000 or so, ordered by last name), the next one every hundredth name, all the next rows have every thousandth name, until the very last row, which again has only the very last ten people: ...94895, 94896, 94897. (All the war casualties of Finland in these wars — Winter War of 1939-1940, Continuation War of 1941-1944, Lapland War of 1944-1945 — are known by name, and there is an online database of them named Sotasampo. Finland also always attempted to recover bodies of the fallen and bury them in their homeland, whenever possible.)

In the background three soldiers transport the body of the fourth, fallen one in a sled. Approximately every fourth Finn who fought in these wars was killed.

And on the left we see the Civil War of 1918 victims: 20 randomly chosen White and Red ones.

So the shopping center has rather patriotic owners, which is not at all a rare thing. For those who want something more cool to look at there is also an old Mi-8, a MiG-21bis and a Saab Draken, all previously belonging to Finnish Air Force :) Mi-8 and MiG-21bis are Soviet-built aircraft. In Soviet era Finland was buying quite a bit of military equipment from the USSR.



Saab Draken

From the rear

Driving address: Tuulosentie 1, Tuulos (parking lot south of the building)

Public transport access: Buses between Tampere/Hämeenlinna and Lahti stop near the shopping center daily. Stops Pohjoinen L/I

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