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Lohja Station and a museum train

3.5 km east of Lohja city center, Uusimaa

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The new proposed high-speed Helsinki-Turku railroad would go through the city of Lohja, if it ever gets actually built. Lohja however already has a railroad, the Hyvinkää-Karis (Karjaa) line. This in practice is more of a Helsinki bypass for freight traffic; there haven't been any passenger trains in decades (since 1983), the route does not really make much sense for passenger traffic. The station building, opened at the same time as the line itself in 1873, is now used as a cafe. There can be museum trains however, and in August 2019 there was one, on the Finnish railways anniversary.

The train came from the railway museum at Hyvinkää, towed by a beautiful Dr12 diesel engine. These engines were built in Tampere in 1959-1963 and were in use until 1990. Right now there is no own locomotive industry in Finland anymore (rail cars and trams are however still being built).

The train includes both wooden and so-called "blue" steel-body cars. Wooden-body cars with such brown-painted exterior and in widely varying internal configurations were in use from 1930s to 1980s.

"Blue" cars were in turn used from 1970s to 2010s (a few are still in use in night trains and service traffic). Some interior details already are similar to modern Finnish trains. But the penalty fare is still in Finnish markkas, not in euros :)

Driving address: Venteläntie 11, Lohja

Public transport access: Helsinki-Lohja buses operate on a frequent schedule and stop near the old station, stop name Lohja as L/I

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